Medications are treating a symptom or a result, they’re kind of like just the bandit, we’re just treating the tip of the iceberg.

But there’s a lot of more things happening underneath that and that’s where we get into, we need to find out what foods they’re reacting to. That’s as food sensitivities. So we customize your diet.

What supplements you are taking and you may not need or may need or maybe they’re not taking the right amount.

A lot of people take vitamins, they go to like a GNC or they go to any of these places and some guy over the counter they just recently got out of high school is telling you to take Coke. You take this, take that. And before you know it, you may be taking things that you don’t need or maybe you’re taking too many things, you know that you don’t. And that’s where functional medicine comes in.

We can actually, with this kit, this specialized kit, I can actually have somebody come to your house and draw the blood cause it’s a special type of book. It’s not the type of blood that you get at the lab. This is the stuff that’s inside the blood cells, red blood cells. So it’s more accurate. It tells us what’s inside the cell. There are so many things that we can uncover with the right test! So many things.