A lot of people don’t know that there is a molecule that helps us stay healthy. It prevents diseases like autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, which, you know, and low immune system, getting you more prone to like the coronavirus, heart disease. It does everything. It’s the mother of all.

Believe it or not, there are over 76,000 articles written about it. Yet, most doctors aren’t really talking about it. It’s the master detoxifier.

Nowadays, we are exposed to up to 80,000 chemicals and toxins on a regular basis. Twenty years ago, when I was growing up, you never heard of people having gluten sensitivity.

Now everybody’s gluten, and part of it is a product of agriculture. They hybridize these products to have a quicker onset to harvest and everything faster, bigger, and more growing season. What that does is it increases the gluten content by four times what it normally is, and our bodies are not meant to process this much.

Glutathione is the master detoxifier that improves your immune system. The good news about it is that our body makes this stuff, but the bad news is it gets depleted because it gets overwhelmed with having to process bad things in our bodies like, pollution, stress, medications, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, aging, infections, so it gets bombarded, and it gets overwhelmed, and so that puts us susceptible to all kinds of cellular degeneration and what we call oxidative stress.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of chronic fatigue, cancer, and a lot of diseases. My best example is, whenever you bite an apple and you leave it out, if you don’t put vitamin C or some people like to squeeze lime, it will turn brown, it oxidized. They do that a lot with the avocado too. If you don’t throw lime in it, your avocado turns brown, or black.

This puts us at risk for cancer, your liver becomes overloaded with these toxins, and when your glutathione gets low; because sometimes we don’t get enough of these sulfur type amino acids in our diet.

The key here is sulfur. Sulfur is a key component in these amino acids that make it sticky and attracts toxins and heavy metals and helps our bodies get rid of these things.

One of the things that I take is a special type of protein that has these amino acids, and then I also take a lot of antioxidants to help support the glutathione. I take a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E, and one of the big ones to help produce glutathione is alpha-lipoic acid. And all of these things we have in the office.

I don’t recommend getting over the counter supplements because these types of nutrients or supplements are regulated as food.

In our offices, we also provide I.V. infusion or I.V. therapy; most people don’t absorb nutrients to their gut like they normally do. What’s good about the I.V. is that those nutrients are readily available. It bypasses G.I. track, so it goes straight as nutrients into your cellular cells; you get a quick boost to your immune system, helping you with chronic fatigue.

We do a really high vitamin C infusion, with glutathione. And right now that’s helping a lot of people, especially people that get like Epstein BARR or mono or they get the flu. It’s a nice boost.

You still have to take your supplements, but sometimes you don’t get everything absorbed through the G.I. tract, especially if you have leaky gut, a gut system that’s, compromised.

See you next time.

Dr. Moreno