Hello, this is Dr. David Mareno from New Age Medical Centers!

Today I want to talk to you and informed you guys about a new therapy for sexual dysfunction. It’s called PT 141 he just got approved by the FDA and it’s a new type of therapy. It’s an injection, it’s a peptide, and it works on certain parts of the brain receptors, specifically for dopamine and pleasure centers in the brain to help with sexual dysfunction in women.

It’s very good for women that have low libido or have trouble climaxing and men. It’s very good at helping them with erection men. Usually, the only therapy that they’ve had before for erections is medications like Viagra and sometimes they don’t get full results with them. So this is something that we can add to that to make it better. And I’ve noticed a significant improvement in both by men and women in the, as far as sexual dysfunction with this medication.

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