My name’s Gregory and I’m 46 years old and I haven’t met another Doctor like Dr. Moreno

I’ve dealt with persistent inflammation issues for a number of years before coming to see Dr. Moreno. I did see other doctors, but it kind of very much felt like the same song and dance where here you have a doctor who’s very passionate about what he does and his patients and providing them a level of care that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I haven’t met another doctor like that.

Dr. Moreno would interpret the lab work for me, help me understand what was going on, run over some options. And I was also extremely interested in the regenerative life extension protocols. He’s very knowledgeable in modern medicine.

Before I felt much older, but Dr. Moreno, tailor a program that was able to help me deal with some of the symptoms from the inflammation, along with other stuff, to achieve some goals and just kind of hit optimization, which is another thing that he focuses on.