Do we have to take a Vitamin D supplement or it is to get it through the sun?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not out in the sun anymore. They are inside.

The best way to get Vitamin D through the sun. That’s why we supplement with vitamin D that’s already activated vitamin D three because most people don’t get enough sun.

And even if we do go outside, we were wearing clothes, you know, we’re not really getting full exposure to the sun or people are wearing sunblock and people are worried about skin cancer. Most people end up taking anywhere between two to 5,000, uh, international units a day.

Most multivitamins don’t have enough vitamin D.

How do we know where to get the good stuff?

Just make sure you’re getting it from a good reputable source. A company that’s monitored by the FDA, a nutraceutical company, there are some good ones out there. There’s the stuff that you can get over the counter, especially like your normal pharmacies or Walgreens or CVS or Sam’s club, those are GNC.

Those things are regulated as food, not as medication. So the regulation is not as tight as if it was a medicine, so you want to get it from companies that are evaluated through new to suit nutraceutical guidelines like FDA where they have to kind of research their products and make sure that everything that is on the label is on the medication because there is so much fake stuff on the internet.